Our Vision

To be the Leading Non-Profit organization which advances the rights of women in Nigeria and provides equal opportunities for women and girls to prosper and fulfill their potentials.

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To promote the rights and well-being of women, girls and under-served people in Nigeria through capacity building, economic empowerment, access to education and healthcare.

Aims and Objective

To enable equal representation and participation of women in all sectors including education, economy, politics, leadership, through capacity building and access to resources; thereby empowering them to confront and change the practices, institutions and policies which affect their lives.

To empower women and girls economically and socially through vocational skills programs and access to financial resources which enable them have sustainable means of livelihood.

To provide special support to vulnerable women particularly survivors of sexual and domestic violence, disabled women, widows and internally displaced/ refugee women and girls to enable them overcome their unique challenges and live meaningful lives.

To improve maternal and pediatric health in rural areas to reduce mortality by providing training and medical supplies.

To improve access to adequate health services and facilities, portable water, quality education and justice to women and girls in rural communities in Nigeria.