The Nnadozie Foundation Maternal and Child Health Initiative is focused on providing lifesaving resources to underserved pregnant women and nursing mothers in rural communities.

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Since 2018 this health initiative has been on the fore front of the efforts of our organization. We continue to tackle the high rates of maternal and infant mortality in rural areas. In keeping with this initiative Nnadozie continues to raise support  to provide clean delivery kits and essential supplies to address neonatal tetanus and sepsis. 

In addition to this, Nnadozie is also focused on battling the top cause of maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria, which is Malaria.

  With the support of our partners we provide:

Providing essential lifesaving items for a hygienic birth.
Treated Bed Nets - 
Aimed at preventing malaria infection caused by mosquito bites.
Pregnancy Health Training - 
Mobilizing volunteer Health Professionals to provide health training to women.

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Beauty For Ashes Project

Learn more about how Nnadozie Foundation’s latest project, Beauty For Ashes Project is changing the lives of the most vulnerable women in Nigeria.

With your continued support and that of our partners, The BFA Project focuses on:

Sexual and Domestic Violence - 
Providing access and network to agencies of counselling, support and justice.
Women with Disabilities - 
Providing access to relevant resources and support network.
Refugee Women and Girls - 
Providing provision and support system for rebuilding.
Unemployment - 
Equipping unemployed widows through economic empowerment

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Special thanks to our partners:​