Maternal And Child Health Initiative


       When a mother dies, the ripple effects can be enormous. Her baby is 10 times more likely to die
before age three, and her other children are more likely to suffer from poor health, leave school or
die prematurely. Nigeria has one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the world.
The World Health Organization (WHO) states that, 33 percent of all neonatal deaths are attributed
to infections—principally neonatal tetanus and sepsis. One of the main factors contributing to the
high incidence of neonatal and maternal tetanus and sepsis is that the majority of deliveries take
place under unhygienic circumstances.
Another top cause of maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria is malaria. Malaria remains the
foremost killer disease in Nigeria. It accounts for over 25% of under 5 mortalities, 30% childhood
mortality and 11% maternal mortality. Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds, and remains
one of the most important threats to the health of pregnant women and their new-borns according
to Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF.


CLEAN DELIVERY KITS – containing essential items for a hygienic birth; such as sterile hand gloves,
Sterile absorbent delivery mats, cotton wool, methylated spirit, antiseptic liquid, cord clamps. Items
contained in our Kit reflect the World Health Organization’s six principles of cleanliness
for birth including: clean hands, clean delivery surface, clean perineum, clean cord cutting
instrument, clean cord ties, and clean cord care for the new-born baby.

TREATED BED NETS – We distribute treated bed nets to prevent malaria infection caused by
mosquito bites.  According to UNICEF insecticide-treaded bed nets (ITNs) offer substantial protection
against malaria. The proper use of ITNs combined with prompt treatment for malaria at community
level can reduce malaria transmission by as much as 60% and the overall young child death rate by
at least one fifth.

PREGNANCY HEALTH TRAINING – We mobilize volunteer health care professionals to rural
communities to provide lifesaving health training to underserved women. Important topics such as
warning signs in pregnancy, nutrition, hygiene, new-born care, importance of antenatal and post-
natal attendance, exclusive breastfeeding, immunizations and delivery in approved health centres
amongst others are shared with beneficiaries in the local language. Women are also more likely to
use family planning if they have the information they need to make the right choice for them.
We adopt the use of low-cost mobile technology such as SMS and WhatsApp to continue to share
lifesaving information to beneficiaries.

You can support this initiative to save a mum and help babies celebrate their first of many birthdays,
by improving their chances of avoiding death from preventable complications. Every woman deserves a safe delivery and every baby a healthy start, no matter where they live!

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“This project has really restored my hope, I have been worried about how to raise money for my delivery items. I know it is unsafe to be so worried during pregnancy, but I really did not know what to do. With the lessons I have learnt and this kit I have received from Nnadozie foundation, I am now relaxed and confident to have my baby.”

Mrs. Ngozi. O.


“I lost my husband few weeks into this pregnancy and I have been completely devastated. I did not realize that this had affected my blood pressure, until the nurse checked me today. I want to thank you for caring about us. I have learnt how to take better care of myself and hopefully I will visit the health centre for antenatal care. Thank you Nnadozie foundation”.

Chinaza. I


“I had my last child at home because we could not afford hospital delivery. I did not even have most of these items given to me today. I now realize that I expose my baby and self to danger by giving birth in unclean environment. By God’s grace if I can raise some money, I will register in a hospital for my delivery.”   NwanyiSunday. O

“Due to some challenges, I was really worried about my health and that of my unborn baby but after
I attended Nnadozie Foundation program, I learnt so many things that can help me maintain a
healthy pregnancy. I now feel confident and plan to have my baby in an approved health facility”
Ekene – Olokoro, Nigeria

“I no longer need to worry about money to purchase these items to protect my baby and I. I feel
really loved and cared for. Thank you Nnadozie Foundation”
Nkechi – Afugiri, Nigeria