Our Model

Nnadozie Foundation provides solutions to the greatest challenges faced by women and girls in
Nigeria which includes poverty and gender inequality.

The Challenge:

Poverty continues to plague Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. Women are most affected by poverty, consequently leading to poor living conditions, health and nutrition especially in the rural areas.

The social aspects of the problem that lies in association with poverty includes social
exclusion and a sense of hopelessness. There is also a wide gender gap in Nigeria, resulting in fewer opportunities for women.

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We believe women are key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Nigeria. When women prosper everyone around them benefits, and the community at large is positively impacted. Nnadozie foundation alleviates poverty through her highly effective capacity building and empowerment program(CBE) for women and girls.
We provide women with the training and support they need to start up small businesses and grow their way out poverty. We not only provide training, but also give micro-grants which can enable a successful business start-up.

Here Is How We Do It:


Capacity building training in business management and financial literacy:

Beneficiaries are introduced to business management best practices, record keeping,
marketing, customer service and cash flow management. After the training participants are assessed to determine their level of understanding. Experts and female entrepreneurs with successful track records are engaged to coach and share their experiences with participants.

Personal Development Training:

This involves supporting participants to adopt a positive mind-set, improved communication, interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as confidence building. We believe this is a critical element in achieving our goal to reduce poverty.

Access to Microgrants:

Women and girls who complete training and are eligible to apply for micro grants up to a maximum of $1,000 to enable them start-up or expand their businesses. Microgrants are given mainly for small business where the grant amount can substantially cover the cost to start up.


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Participants receiving equipment and vital inputs for business start-up.


One year professional coaching and support: After the launch of beneficiary’s businesses,
Nnadozie Foundation continues to offer business advice, professional assistance and market links for up to 1 year. Our well- developed monitoring tools, periodic visits and calls to each business owner help us to keep track of progress.

Our model is adaptable to suit the needs of either women or girls.

Women’s group during a training session.