Our Impact

Since 2010 when Nnadozie foundation commenced operations it has trained over 2000 women and girls in various skills such as breadfruit production, poultry management and marketing, operation of cassava processing and oil palm processing mills to mention but a few. In 2017 Nnadozie foundation with the support of Virginia Gildersleeve foundation USA, trained and empowered 40 women in Afugiri community, Umuahia North local Government area using our CBE model. The rural women received professional training on medium-scale commercial poultry production. They also received vital inputs such as chicks, feeders, drinkers, and other equipment for a successful start -up of their poultry business. They continued to receive our support throughout the project. As part of the project requirements, direct beneficiaries were required to step down the training to 2 other women so that many more women in the community could become skilled in poultry management.

As a result of this project 40 families were lifted above the poverty line of $1.90 per day, as the women began to receive proceeds from the sale of their birds. The project also contributed to food security in the community, as malnutrition due to animal protein deficiency gap in the community was addressed by availability of poultry in the community. Beneficiaries conditions of living and self esteem were improved as they were able to pay school fees for their children, access health care and attend to other social needs. 80% of the women reinvested proceeds to further expand their poultry businesses. It also provided employment and boosted economic activity in the community.

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The success of this project has seen it being scaled to Olokoro community in Umuahia South Local Government area of Abia State. In 2018, fifty women received training and empowerment using the CBE model.  We are working towards replicating this project in all the 17 local Government areas of Abia State.

Our GirlsChamp training and S.H.E campaigns which kicks off in 2019 is set to reduce maternal and infant deaths in Abia State and equip the Girl-child with life skills and opportunities for a brighter future.

What our beneficiaries and stake holders are saying:

Nnadozie team received by Chaiman of Umuahia North Local Governmet area
Honorable Chidebere Nwachukwu, Chairman of Umuahia North Local Government area, receives Nnadozie team at his residence in Umuahia North.

‘We are extremely happy about the women empowerment project you have brought to the community. Our Government will offer its support to enable you reach other communities in Umuahia North, Local Government area’’

Hon Chidiebere Nwachukwu- Chairman Umuahia North Local Government Area, Abia State


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Mrs Chinwe Ejike in an info session

“We have never witnessed such a capacity building and empowerment project in the history of our community. Our women have been given employment and a source of livelihood. We commend you and assure you that we will do our part to ensure that all our women succeed .”

– Mrs Chinwe Ejike – Women leader – Afugiri progressive union.


Mrs Onwuka

“I am overwhelmed with Joy over this wonderful opportunity that I have received. I will work hard to grow my business to become the largest in the community. Thank you Nnadozie foundation, you have changed my life.”

– Mrs.N.Onwuka – Olokoro Umuahia North Local Government Area.


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“ My hope has been restored, I can now start my poultry business and make money to take care of my family, pay for my children’s education and health needs. God bless you Nnadozie foundation”

– Mrs. Nwokocha- Afugiri, Umuahia.